3-Simple Steps on How to Ship a Car Overseas

3-Simple Steps on How to Ship a Car Overseas

Make more money with your auto transport business by learning how to ship a car overseas to Hawaii, Guam, Alaska and Puerto Rico. It’s really that simple! Offering your customers auto transport quotes on shipping a car overseas is a great way to make additional money as an auto transport broker. If you already have an auto transport brokerage, then you are already 95% on your way to shipping cars overseas. Read below to learn the next 5% on shipping cars overseas. If you are not a licensed auto transport broker, click here to how to start an auto transport business, then come back to this page to learn how to ship vehicles overseas. With an active DOT FMCSA MC#, you have the authority to act as a transport broker and ship cars all throughout the united states, and now with our tips overseas! Shipping a car overseas is really no different than regular continental auto transporting. It does not require any additional licensing, all you need is a computer with internet access and a phone and you are ready to ship cars overseas.

Read our How to Ship a Car Overseas Guide:

Follow these simple 3-steps to shipping cars overseas to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Guam:

1. Call the companies below, and get “setup” in their system as a approved auto transport broker (usually they just want your company contact information, MC#, etc.)

2. The Port Shipping Company will then inform you of their pricing as well as the process to submit orders to them

3. Once you booked an order, then you can call or email the Port Shipping company your customers information

That’s it….they take it from there! Now you have made money on both sides of the deal: broker fee for getting the car to the port, and broker fee for referring them to the Port Shipping company.

Very simple and easy, no additional work! You don’t have to handle anything with the oversea shipping, it’s just a matter of handing them over “referring” them to the Port Shipping Company, and then you get a “referral fee” for just emailing them your customers information! Definitely worth the 5 minute call to get set up! Now you know How to Ship a Car Overseas!

I highly recommend that you get signed up with the following companies to get their auto transport broker preferred shipping rates.

1. Call Matson800-462-8766 then type: hit 9 then 1 (to skip prompts)
Email your customers information to: retail_phx@matson.com
Matson charges their customers $1070 per car, however if you refer them as a broker this is what they charge:
* Your first 6 cars you ship- $1070 each (you can charge a broker fee on top of this, in addition to charging a fee to get the car to the port)
* After 6 cars shipped- $970 (Now you make $100 a car just for emailing the customers info., not to mention your other broker fee’s as well for getting the car to the port etc..)
* After Shipping 76 Cars- $870 (Now you are a Hawaii PRO, and make $200 per car just for emailing them your customers info, not to mention your other broker fee’s)
* Here is a breakdown of Matson’s Rates.

1. Wrightway 907-277-4549 email orders receptionist@wrightwayautocarriers.com

2. Alaska Auto Transport- 907-222-6666 email orders to monica@alaskaauto.com

Puerto Rico:
1. Trailerbridge 904-751-7107

So what are you waiting for?

Many auto transport brokers nationwide are make additional money by shipping cars overseas. From what other brokers say, these are “Slam Dunk” deals, a great opportunity to make more money! Call us today at (888) 221-6602 and sign up for one of our auto transport leads packages and start receiving overseas auto shipping leads!

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