Auto Transport Leads – How it Works!

Are you looking to buy auto transport leads, but not sure how it works, or where to start? We have you covered!

The very first question we are always asked by auto transport brokers that are looking for auto transport leads is, “how does your leads program work?” This is a fantastic question, and honestly our response is what differentiates iMover Leads from our competition. Below is a detailed breakdown on how our auto transport leads program works.

Top 10 Questions asked before buying transport leads:

Question 1: Lead Volume – How many leads per day or per month can I receive?

  • Our auto transport leads are sold in packages ranging from $500 per month – $6000 per month.
  • Depending on how many leads you need a day, we can send you anywhere from 13 – 160 leads per day, which is 400 – 4800 leads per month.
  • Payments can be broken down into weekly payments of $125 per week – $1500 per week.
  • Not sure on how many leads per day you need? On average 1 sales person can handle around 25-50 leads per day, depending on if they are doing just sales or if they are also doing customer service and dispatch.

Question 2: Frequency – What days of the week do you want to receive leads?

  • You can choose to receive leads 7 days a week. Or if you only want leads on certain days, or no weekends, or just off on Sunday’s, you have that flexibility to pick and choose the days of the week you receive leads.
  • Majority of our auto transport leads come in during business hours when we are running our ads. Our success depends on your success, so we want to make sure you are the most successful at booking orders. Therefore, we make sure leads are in your software when you are behind your computer working, not while you are sleeping!
  • Start and stop your leads at anytime, you are not locked into any contracts. Going on vacation and need to pause your leads? No problem, just call or email us with what days you want your leads off, and we’ll adjust your invoice and payments(s) accordingly!

auto transport leadsQuestion 3: Cost – How much do your leads cost?

  • We guarantee our cost per lead is no more that $1.25 per lead. However, throughout the year our lead cost averages around $1.05 -$1.25 per lead, depending on seasonal fluctuations. If we are able to generate and send extra leads in a month (which is usually the case in the spring/summer months), we will always try to send you extra leads. This is at no additional cost to you!
  • Pay as you go, weekly payments! Split your monthly invoice into 4 weekly payments, and pay anywhere from $125 – $1500 per week depending on how many leads per day you want to receive.
  • Visit our pricing page for a complete breakdown of each lead package cost and daily/monthly volume.

Question 4: Competition – How many brokers am I competing against?

  • We guarantee that each auto transport lead is sent to only 9 other brokers.
  • We send out test all throughout the month to make sure no one is sharing or reselling the lead.
  • You will not compete against the same brokers every single lead. It is randomly rotated through our system, so that each lead is unique in competition.

Question 5: Quality – What kind of quality and conversion rates can I expect from your leads?

  • Our 100% focus is on generating high quality auto transport leads. Majority of our customers report a 3-8% conversion ratios. This can vary for every broker and their overall sales pitch and ability on closing leads. Depending on how well the lead is worked; How fast the lead is called and emailed; Whether or not they send follow up emails or calls; Solid sales pitch; Excellent customer service; Friendliness; Honesty etc…
  • Most important, a large portion of our leads generated are call verified. This is due to the fact that we put our toll free number and online chat windows on all our websites. Consumers these days feel more confident giving their information over the phone directly to a person. Therefore, we collect the quote request information over the phone and then submit that as a lead in our system. Then it instantly goes out to our customers as a real time lead. These types of leads yield the highest conversion rates!
  • Besides that, we monitor and test our clients to make sure they are not low-ball quoting customers. We want to make sure we are selling our leads to brokers who’s end goal is to ship a customers car with 100% customer satisfaction! Not play games or use gimmicks or bait and switch tactics to deceive the customer.

Question 6: Bogus/Bad Leads – What happens if I get a lead with a bad/not working phone number or email address?

  • We believe you should only be paying for high-quality leads you can rely on. Unfortunately we cannot control what customers choose to enter into our leads generating sites. This is why if you receive a lead that you are not able to call and e-mail due to “bogus information,” we will credit you at the end of your billing cycle or send you more leads to make up for it.
  • To keep information from being duplicated in the system we also track duplicate entries on a daily basis. However if a duplicate auto transport lead manages to get by us, we will of course credit your bill for any bogus/duplicate leads.

Auto Transport LeadsQuestion 7: How do you generate your leads?

  • Our leads are produced by several lead generating websites that we manage on a daily basis.  These lead generating sites are search engine optimized and are specific to the Auto Transport Industry. At these sites customers are asked to fill out a brief auto transport quote request and in return they will receive 10 vehicle moving quotes. You can view one of our auto transport lead generating sites by going to
  • To drive traffic to our websites, we use both SEO “search engine optimization” and SEM “search engine marketing” methods. Where we place ads with Google, Yahoo, and Bing where we target specific keyword phrases, like “auto transport quotes” or “shipping my car to”. Once a request is submitted it is sent instantly out to our customers as a lead.
  • Today’s consumers are turning to the web as their main source for information and resources. Because of this it has made the internet the #1 resource for connections between consumers and business owners. Unlike the phone book or paper advertising, advertising on the internet firmly puts you in charge of your budget for marketing. Some auto transport brokers think that internet searcher or consumers are only shopping for the cheapest price. However, this is not true! We have found through various survey’s and research that online searcher consumers are looking for fast, reliable accurate information to ship their vehicles. Contact us today, to learn more about the power of the internet, and how iMover Leads can help grow your business!

Question 8: Why Choose iMover Leads? What sets us apart from our competition.

  • auto transport leads how it worksFlexible Payment Options: Pay as you go for your leads with flexible weekly payments.
  • High Quality Leads: Our customers report some of the highest conversion rates in the industry! In part due to a large portion of our leads are “call verified” where customers are looking to ship right away.
  • Testing: We test our customers to make sure no one is sharing or reselling leads. We also look at how our customers are quoting the leads, to help crack down on low ball quoting.
  • Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism: We are on top of our industry in customer service, knowledge and expertise! Working with all major search engines and have invested heavily in organic and paid search marketing.
  • We’ll help you close more deals by connecting you with thousands of potential consumers who are using the internet, and came across our websites to research a quote price to ship their vehicle. In addition, not only do several of our websites appear at the top of the search engines, but we also use a multitude of proven and effective online marketing techniques to ensure our clients receive the highest quality and quantity of auto transport leads.
  • With iMover Leads, not only will you receive higher quality, real time auto transport leads, you will be receiving leads from consumers who really want to ship their vehicle. Unlike other competitors who also sell household moving quote leads; Our 100% focus is on generating high quality auto transport leads.

Question 9: Payment – How can I pay for my leads?

  • We accept payment 3 different ways:
    • Via ACH with your checking account. When you fill out our online application, you enter your checking account number and routing number;  And then we will debit your account weekly or monthly for a set amount that both you and iMover Leads have arranged together.
    • Via Chase to Chase Quickpay. We bank at Chase Bank, and so if you do as well, you can do an online transfer from your bank to our bank.
    • Via cash deposit at my Chase Bank account, we will provide you the chase account # to make deposits into.
      • At this time we do not take credit cards, this is mostly in part due to the large amount of credit card processing fee’s, and also high amount of credit card fraud in this industry.
      • We occasionally can make special arrangements and take a paypal payment, or a “cash app” payment, however our preferred method is ACH debit.

Question 10: How do I get started, where do I sign up for leads?

  • Start receiving auto transport leads, please fill out our online leads applicationIf you have any questions feel free to call or email us at anytime. We look forward to working with you!
  • In addition, need help with your email marketing? Do your sales quote emails look like everyone else’s? Have the experts at iMover Leads provide email marketing design strategies to effectively respond and close the sale on your auto transport leads that your purchase. Grab your customers attention with our proven successful email designs. Call today to speak to one of our design professionals.