Higher Conversion Rates

Auto Transport Leads with Higher Conversion Rates

higher conversion rates

With iMover Leads, Auto Transport Brokers can expect to receive higher conversion rates on their auto transport leads. This is because our focus is 100% on generating high quality auto transport leads. We are the industries premier auto transport lead provider. We do not generate leads for any other industry, all efforts are geared towards generating car shipping leads. We target our online pay-per-click ad campaigns directly towards keywords like, “auto transport quotes”, “car shipping rates”, “car transport quotes” etc. , so when a customer goes to our websites to request a quote, it is because they want a car shipping quote,  not a household moving quote.

Also you can expect higher conversion rates because our auto shipping leads are sent to you in “Real Time“. As soon as a customer request a quote on our websites, it is sent to 9 other brokers instantly, allowing you to close the sale within just seconds of the customer requesting the quote online.

Additionally, you will have higher conversion rates, because we are in business of generating and sending only HIGH QUALITY LEADS, therefore we will never send you watered down recycled leads, only real time leads. Combined with our flexible payment schedules, and our bogus “credit” policy, partnering with iMover Leads is clearly your best choice for auto transport leads.

Customers report higher conversion rates with our leads due to a number a reason. One of them being, call verified leads! When a consumer comes to our website they have 3 different methods to request a quote. They can call the toll free number on the site and give their information over the phone, or they can engage in an online chat and give their information over the chat, or they complete the online quote request. A very large portion of our leads come in through calls and chats, which is considered “verified leads”, because we are actually confirming all of their contact details with a live person. Because of these verified leads represent a large port of our auto transport leads that we generate, this contributes to higher conversion rates for our auto transport broker customers!

Now that you have a lead, how do you turn it into a sale?

  • Immediate response. Respond immediately to online auto transport leads. Smart phone technology allows agents to respond to email immediately. Make an effort to respond to queries within 5 minutes. Responsiveness fosters positive client-agent relationships. If the contact provides a phone number, telephone them. The sooner you begin a personal relationship with potential customers looking to transport their vehicles, the more likely they are to choose you as their transporter.
  • Be specific. Don’t waste the client’s time with bland generalities. When prospective customers contact a transportation company, they’re looking for specific information and they want it now! Respond to each lead with detailed information about their auto transport. Providing links to helpful articles and checklists on your website is a fast way to answer questions and cement your reputation as a knowledgeable expert.
  • Don’t drop the ball. Be persistent. A single contact will not convert leads into sales. Expert agents say it takes 3 to 5 contacts to turn an online respondent into a client. For maximum effectiveness, use a combination of different online and phone contacts to keep your name in front of the potential clients.
  • Get personal. Make use of social media to build personal relationships with clients. Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook contacts humanize you, encouraging a friendlier relationship.
  • Think creatively. Think of ways to make yourself stand out from competing brokers. Email a video message or provide tips via Podcast.

So what are you waiting for? Contact iMover Leads today, or to sign-up, fill out our online leads application, and start receiving leads that lead you to higher conversion rates!